Tis the season for identity crisis: the Elf dilemma

'Tis the season. The season to assert my Jewishness, like, hard. Christmas season. Okay, let me correct that. I don't actually need to assert my Jewishness per se because I am Jewish AF as far as ethnic identities go, but it's my kids. Take the Catholic spouse and add to that NOT living in Brookline, MA where … Continue reading Tis the season for identity crisis: the Elf dilemma

I rescue a bird: how to become a true good samaritan

Have I ever told you how I rescued a bird in my driveway, thereby sacrificing a gorgeous beach day with my family? We get all packed up, and roll the car out to the driveway to put the kayaks on the roof. And suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I see a moving … Continue reading I rescue a bird: how to become a true good samaritan

The sort of truth about what causes viruses

When I was seven, I decided I didn’t feel like going to school and wanted to get a little bit sick, so in the dead of winter, I went outside on our balcony in my night clothes and barefoot, and ate some snow. It was kind of a thing among the kids that if you … Continue reading The sort of truth about what causes viruses

Theory of relativity

Just the other day, we were remembering how I got food poisoning as a child while on vacation in Ukraine on the Azov sea. What happened was this. In communist Russia, food was a commodity not always readily available, especially in remote towns, and especially things like sugar, ketchup, tea - these things were usually … Continue reading Theory of relativity

I cry when I see the David

Have you ever noticed how as we age, our emotions become dulled? A few years ago, we made a family trip to Spain. Among other places, we visited this little town called Ronda down near the Mediterranean. I remember standing at the edge of a mountain looking over a huge rocky valley, dissected by a … Continue reading I cry when I see the David

Why I married my husband

Have I ever said why I decided I needed to marry my husband? I have talked quite a bit about how it's great that he is my husband at the moment because all evidence points to me being unable to survive without him, but I don't think I've ever actually described the confluence of events that … Continue reading Why I married my husband

I have pain: a vent

I have been suffering. I mean, more than usual. I know I'm always suffering a little, but lately, it's been worse. I have pain. I have chronic pain and also, I have compassion fatigue. Compassion fatigue, or my version of it, is when you sit in the exam room and a patient with a legitimate … Continue reading I have pain: a vent