I am a woman of undetermined age (age ain’t nothin’ but a number!), living in a town by the ocean with my husband, my kids, and my job, which is also a way of life. ¬†And I have said so many times: my life should be a sitcom and you can’t make this shit up, so I figured, why not document this business for all eternity?

More recently, I got a hankering for a more serious type of writing; I thought I could finagle a book out of my stories. I came to the Greater Boston area as a kid in the early 1990s from St. Petersburg, Russia as a refugee. I was certainly not unique on a grand scale, as there were millions of other refugees taking the same journey, but everyone’s story is a little different, carries a slightly different flavor.

Years in the making, mostly because the rugrats and the job kept me busy, but it is finally ready, I think. I am getting ready to release it now. Check it out here.