The Formula of Sorrow

So, I keep trying to concentrate and think about something else, but I can't.  This hate fest from the weekend, and everything that has gone on with it, has got my head spinning, and myself circling down a rabbit hole.  It's been discovered that trauma is passed down through the genes, and this must be true, … Continue reading The Formula of Sorrow

Choose a torch, America

  So I have been watching the news, and been glued to facebook non stop this weekend with the Charlottesville events going on.  I can honestly say I have never been this scared in my home, in my country ever. I know that this rally started with confederates and became about uniting all the white supremacy/neo-Nazi … Continue reading Choose a torch, America

Backwards slide

So, our venerated President just sharply changed the military's policy in regards to transgender personnel in 140 words or less (times 3).  He used the thinly veiled excuse of "medical expense" as the reason.  He also spoke in an incendiary language with words such as "disruption," which used to be used to describe gays, blacks, … Continue reading Backwards slide

How did I get here?

Would anyone like to be enlightened as to the process of becoming a doctor?  I know that currently, we are the media's and public opinion's most darling scapegoats, along with Obama (eyeroll!), but in reality, we're people who have put themselves through hell and high water for the privilege of being able to accept the … Continue reading How did I get here?