5 things about your poop you didn’t know are normal

I think people have a lot of misconceptions about poop.  No, really, they do.  Since I am a board certified poop doctor (that's what my kids think, at least), I hear a lot of people's concerns about their pooping habits and I know that the public out there is confused.  Confused and sometimes obsessed.  Obsessed … Continue reading 5 things about your poop you didn’t know are normal

My vagina monologue

I really hated my OB/Gyn rotation as a medical student.  It was all women residents, and all women patients, and all women nurses, so I thought, nothing good can come of so much estrogen in one place, both flowing from the patients and oozing from the doctors and emanating from nurses.  There were a few … Continue reading My vagina monologue

What happens in residency stays in residency

Internship and residency can only fairly be described as indentured service.  You're at the mercy of the hospital and the program, and your personal needs and wants when it comes to control over your life schedule and activities are second to making sure you're doing what you're supposed to do in the hospital for as … Continue reading What happens in residency stays in residency

What to expect while you’re… in med school

This title is totally tongue in cheek, in case you couldn’t tell. It’s like those books: “What to expect when you're expecting."  Because it's totally easy chop chop to cleanly categorize and itemize things you can expect from pregnancy in 1000 cute words or less. Well, medical school is definitely not cuteness, and definitely cannot … Continue reading What to expect while you’re… in med school

Are you bloated?

Admit it, you are.  EVERYONE is bloated.  And if someone is telling you they're not bloated, they're lying.  Of course, my experience may be skewed by the people who come into my office, all of whom are always... you guessed it, bloated.  I'm starting to think bloating is part of the human condition, along with birth, … Continue reading Are you bloated?

How did I get here?

Would anyone like to be enlightened as to the process of becoming a doctor?  I know that currently, we are the media's and public opinion's most darling scapegoats, along with Obama (eyeroll!), but in reality, we're people who have put themselves through hell and high water for the privilege of being able to accept the … Continue reading How did I get here?