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Sasha’s childhood in Leningrad was happy, sheltered, and in may ways, privileged. But, in the fall of 1989, just as she finds herself on the brink of adolescence, her secure existence is pulled out from under her.

Amid the chaos caused by the impending collapse of the Soviet Union, her family joins the millions of Jews fleeing the country to seek asylum in the US.

Written with care, razor-sharp wit, and an eye for detail, Looking for the Enter Sign paints a heartwarming picture of a family in transit, tracing their steps from their home in Leningrad across Europe to their final destination in Boston. The book explores culture shock, belonging, Jewish identity in the Diaspora, and the meaning of family and friends in times of hardship. Most of all, Looking for the Enter Sign is a story about coming of age under uncertain circumstances, as every stop along Sasha’s journey marks an increasing awareness of the baffling and sometimes cruel realities of a grown-up world.

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