The Formula of Sorrow

So, I keep trying to concentrate and think about something else, but I can't.  This hate fest from the weekend, and everything that has gone on with it, has got my head spinning, and myself circling down a rabbit hole.  It's been discovered that trauma is passed down through the genes, and this must be true, … Continue reading The Formula of Sorrow

Choose a torch, America

  So I have been watching the news, and been glued to facebook non stop this weekend with the Charlottesville events going on.  I can honestly say I have never been this scared in my home, in my country ever. I know that this rally started with confederates and became about uniting all the white supremacy/neo-Nazi … Continue reading Choose a torch, America

5 things about your poop you didn’t know are normal

I think people have a lot of misconceptions about poop.  No, really, they do.  Since I am a board certified poop doctor (that's what my kids think, at least), I hear a lot of people's concerns about their pooping habits and I know that the public out there is confused.  Confused and sometimes obsessed.  Obsessed … Continue reading 5 things about your poop you didn’t know are normal

Dumb things people say to pregnant women

  I remember being pregnant for the first time...  The anticipation, the joy... the hemorrhoids... Just kidding.  Or am I.  But even if I had had hemorrhoids, hypothetically speaking, they would not be as annoying as all the weirdass attention you get as a pregnant lady.  I liked it at first, up until about twenty … Continue reading Dumb things people say to pregnant women

My vagina monologue

I really hated my OB/Gyn rotation as a medical student.  It was all women residents, and all women patients, and all women nurses, so I thought, nothing good can come of so much estrogen in one place, both flowing from the patients and oozing from the doctors and emanating from nurses.  There were a few … Continue reading My vagina monologue