The book is published!

I’m starting to think maybe I’m allergic to the hospital. Every time I go there, weird shit starts happening to my body, and before anyone says it, no, it’s not COVID. But, like, I start feeling pains everywhere; I can’t seem to get enough rest; my frequency of headaches goes up exponentially.

Monday was just that kind of day.

But also, it was a really good day because I got to publish my book!

I stayed up late checking for typos at the last minute – and god bless and power to you, the typo that has been able to escape the eye of two professional edits, two proofreads, and countless readings and re-readings. I almost felt badly correcting that “totalitarinism” since it survived all that trouble. But alas, it is safely back to being “totalitarianism” now.

And finally, it was done.

And now you can get it here.

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