I did a thing

Actually, I did two things. I wrote a book and I joined Tiktok.

Did you know that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a medical doctor? Yes, he studied at the University of Edinburgh, and completed his thesis on tabes dorsalis. He then set up a medical practice, but it was unsuccessful, so he started writing for some trashy journals getting paid by the word, and thus, Sherlock Holmes was born.

But Sir Conan Doyle hated Sherlock Holmes because he fancied himself a Serious Writer, and thought Sherlock Holmes was beneath him. The author tried to kill him off at least on two occasions, but his publisher made him revive the genius detective due to high public demand.

So, I am also a doctor, although, my practice isn’t struggling (knock on wood), and god bless a world where you could make more money writing than doctoring. But regardless, I joined Tiktok during the quarantine because at that point, I wasn’t doing any doctoring as we were shut down, and I was going nuts like everyone else, and the much maligned social media was the only thing keeping me in touch with the outside world, plus, Tiktok was funny. I was going to just watch at first, then I made just one, then just another one then one more, and then, one of (by that time) many went viral.

It was a tiktok about poop and it has had over a million views to date, and I am still getting views and comments on it!

Since then, I have tried to change the subject, but people seem to be really clamoring for poop content. Because I am but a slave to public demand, I kept making poop content. Then I made a tiktok about butts and it went viral in two hours. My follower count grows exponentially.

Meanwhile, I wrote a book. It’s a heartwarming story of my coming of age while undergoing the harrowing process of asylum seeking as a refugee, traipsing across Europe, and building a new life from scratch in America. I have a cover and everything. I fancy myself a Serious Writer.

But I keep making poop and butt tiktoks.

I am starting to feel like poops and butts are my Sherlock Holmes.

Will I be nothing but the Tiktok Poop Doc for ever?

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