I hate the limbic system

I was standing there doing procedures today...  By the way, I do procedures 3 times a week, and it's basically a half hour of intense visual concentration and hand-eye coordination times ten, but frequently, my thoughts are allowed to wander, so if it seems like half the posts here start with "I was standing there … Continue reading I hate the limbic system

How to save a life

A patient came into the office a few weeks ago, and tearfully thanked me for saving his life. I am not bragging. It's just that a patient thanking you happens really rarely; much more rarely than "you are doing nothing for me," and "I waited too long to see you," and other complaints.  So when … Continue reading How to save a life

What you need to know about the GI bug (and other stories)

Today, I feel like crap.  No pun intended - but I think I'm getting the GI bug. You know, the GI bug??  Otherwise known as hell on Earth?  Where I am known to descend every few years due to no fault of my own?  Last time I had this bitch, I puked up my grilled … Continue reading What you need to know about the GI bug (and other stories)